Why trust US with the safety and protection of your family?

For several decades, ADT has evolved into a company concerned about the personal welfare of people, their property, and their businesses.  From the very beginning, ADT strives for customer satisfaction and consumer convenience.  As an Authorized Dealer of ADT, our company continues to fulfill the promise of guaranteed consumer satisfaction.
Our company is headed by individuals who have worked in the alarm security business for over 25 years.  We are a family based business and know exactly how it feels to ensure our loved ones are safe.  We want to also guarantee that for your family as well.   The knowledge and experience obtained, has increased our productivity and awareness of illicit activities that may affect your safety and security.  For those reasons, we work hard to  provide the up most services in order to maintain customer satisfaction and comfort knowing your possessions are safe.
ADT satisfies millions of people and dominates the safety and home protection business each year against its competitors.  By having a 24 hour monitoring service, ADT ensures you and your family remain safe against fire, carbon monoxide exposure, water, and burglaries.  
The technological world continues to grow and our company keeps up with the expansion in technology.  In order to stay above and ahead of their competition, ADT has introduced PULSE.  Due to the out-pour of cellular usage, PULSE allows you to monitor your business or residents from the palm of your hand by utilizing your smartphone, laptop computer, or desktop computer.  
In order to prevent crime, we have to stay one step ahead of the criminal.  Allow Allstate Protection, LLC help you, your family, and/or business remain secure, knowing you are protected every hour of every day.